Take your geodata offline

See what is underneath the city at high precision

Administer your mobile workforce in the office

Some of our Customers:

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority InvenSense Montana Department of Environmental Quality

AmigoCloud is a Geospatial Platform

Geo-data collection with your phone doesn’t have to be hard

In fact, with AmigoCloud you can have a project up and running within 5 minutes. Whether you are documenting geo-tagged photos of invasive species, keeping track of city water pipelines at centimeter precision, or setting up disaster assessment areas without network connectivity, AmigoCloud has you covered.

Integrating with ESRI made simple

Are you an ESRI user? So are we! And we are also a proud ESRI Business Partner. Any changes you make on your phone or the web automatically get synced to your existing ESRI Geodatabase.

Take your data offline

Don’t waste time setting up offline areas for your field team. AmigoCloud’s web admin tool enables you to setup different offline areas for different users in just a few clicks.

Open Source, Open Data, Open Standards

By building our technology with an Open System philosophy, actively creating and contributing to Open Source projects and leveraging Open Datasets like OpenStreetMap, AmigoCloud is strengthening the Open GIS ecosystem. Your data is never locked in our system, you can in fact get it out in any of the 40+ vector formats we support.

Developers: you have the power

Our philosophy is, if you can do it through our web front end, you should be able to do it through our API. 200+ geospatial functions like geometry intersections, buffers, differences, etc., are waiting for you. Think of us as PostgreSQL/PostGIS, on steroids, with a REST endpoint.