Environmental Consulting

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“It was basically the user friendliness. We needed trainings, re-trainings, and more retrainings just to figure out ArcPad for anyone other than a GIS savvy person to be able to use.  So the user friendliness was very attractive about AmigoCloud."  

Jacqueline Tilligkeit, GIS Program Manager




Althouse and Meade 

Executive Sumary


Althouse and Meade needed to integrate a more robust data collection solution into day-to-day workflows that could completely replace the conventional pen and paper data collection methods.  

With this, the consulting firm required their solution to be collaborative, user-friendly, and operational in remote offline areas for large scale GIS data collection contracts.

  • - User friendly replacement to pen and paper method of data collection.

  • - Quick and simple setup.

  • - Large scale data collection in an offline environment.

  • - Operational for non-GIS oriented field workers.