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Case Studies




Environmental Consulting — Althouse & Meade

Althouse and Meade needed to integrate a more robust data collection solution into day-to-day workflows that could completely replace the conventional pen and paper data collection methods.  With this, the consulting firm required their solution to be collaborative, user-friendly, and operational in remote offline areas for large scale GIS data collection contracts. 


17,000 sign inventory for an entire municipality in under 10 weeks - City of Vallejo

AmigoCloud, in collaboration with partner Open Spatial, provided the City of Vallejo with the needed software to collect 17,000 sign inventory for the entire municipality in under 10 weeks. 




RFID — Berntsen International Inc  

This project, receiver of the 2016 Geospatial World Excellence Award for Technology Innovation, involved amigoPlatform being fully optimized to develop Berntsen   International´s own RFID + Mapping software, InfraMarker, for sale and redistribution in asset management industries.


Transportation — Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Creation of a Multi-modal Trip Planner web application with real-time transit updates to customers, built on top of open source technologies and AmigoCloud API’s, and with the ability to extract automated data for GIS data analysis.