Build a Custom Mapping Solution

amigoPlatform is a Collaborative Enterprise Mapping Platform that gives you the tools to build your own mapping solution. It helps you develop a custom geospatial application without running your own infrastructure. Add location intelligence to your own software.







Change your coordinates into an address or vice versa using our API.





Intelligent Routing Tools

With AmigoCloud open source Multi-Modal Routing, you can see in real-time the quickest route from A to B using various modes, including even bike lanes and footpaths. Whether you have a proprietary or open source mapping system in place, AmigoCloud can interoperate with it through one of its many plugins.








AmigoCloud APIs. Mapping for developers

Build web and mobile applications and extend AmigoCloud products using REST GeoAPIs, and real-time APIs. If you can do it through our tools, you can do it through an API. Available on amigoCollect and amigoPlatform.




Data encrypted and secured

Securing your data and projects is of paramount importance to us, therefore communication and storage happen encrypted channels. We use the same technology used by banks to transmit your private information.




Start building your custom mapping solution

amigoPlatform provides features like geospatial data, geospatial data analysis, and geospatial data visualization.



AmigoCloud on-premise

If you need total control of your data, we can put all our features and modules on your infrastructure. Contact us for more information about AmigoCloud on-premise and private cloud. If your Government Agency has special needs, we support deploying on the FedRAMP-approved AWS GovCloud.