Collect, visualize, and share on any device

With a streamlined and quick workflow, amigoCollect helps your field crew collect, combine, and synchronize data using iOS/Android smartphones or tablets.




AmigoCollect is collaborative and automatic

Collect and collaborate with as many people as you need, even while offline, and see updates at the office as they happen.  Once your device is connected again, changes are automatically synced to the cloud and all devices.



Collect full geometry models, media, and barcodes  

Visualize more data collecting full geometry models, like points, lines, and polygons features.  Improve mapping and managing asset datasets by scanning barcodes.  Capture audio, take photos, and record videos in the field with GPS tracks.




Collect data at submeter accuracy

The built-in GPS in popular smart phones and tablets is good enough for accuracy of up to 3 meters.  In case higher accuracy is needed, an external Bluetooth GPS can easily be connected to AmigoCollect for accuracy of up to 2.5 centimeters.

High-Precision GPS/GNSS support is available on all plans




Export, report, and share your data

Export data easily while using your favorite format. Report, share, and publish by using vector file formats like Shapefile, FileDGB, or XLS and raster in PDF, GeoTiff or JPG. Use more than 40 formats for sharing with members of the project, customers, and stakeholders.




Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise

AmigoCollect has three different plans and multiple add-ons to meet all needs.



Create and publish great maps

Publish your maps to report, share, and embed them on your own documents, dashboars, websites, and blogs. 




Related Records

Model simple or advanced workflows and schemas that fit your data model.




Enterprise Integration

AmigoCloud for ArcGIS enables you to synchronize and integrate AmigoCloud´s powerful cloud with your ESRI-based system. If you are using QGIS Desktop, PostgreSQL Server or Oracle, AmigoCloud has an integration plugin for it.


amigoCollect Subscription Plans

amigoCollect Essentials

Essentials has collaborative editing, advanced offline, drag and drop forms editor, QGIS integration, 30GB of media storage, and high-precision GPS/GNSS support. Available for iOS, Android, and Web.

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amigoCollect Professional

Professional allows collection of points, lines, and polygons features. Publish online maps, use 100GB of media storage, and manage every user role. It also has Traceability Module/Data and Cloud Queries (SQL).

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amigoCollect Enterprise

Enterprise comes with our Geoprocessing tool for ArcGIS desktop and server synchronization, related records/data, webhooks/zapier, comprehensive SLA, and 24/7 phone support.

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