Manage assets, risks, and field operations

Location data becomes essential for electrical, gas, telecommunication, and water utilities to manage facilities, create map products, design/work order processing, model network, collect data, and map networks.  Natural resource protection can be managed without any delay or incurring high costs.  With AmigoCloud you can collect collaboratively and locate all data you need as well as visualize, analyze, and manage your networks and assets.  Collect locations, photos, and videos with your smart device even offline, make and share maps, produce reports, and use business intelligence for analysis.


Comply with regulations, codes, and standards

Put every pipe or grid in the best locations with respect to regulatory while meeting codes and standards.  Manage location data to reduce or eliminate environmental impacts.  Connect your mobile workforce and monitor operations from your desktop or smart device in real-time. AmigoCloud has developed a solution to maximize your organization´s efforts by understanding location-based information and connecting your entire organization.  Manage risks, reduce costs, and meet your customers´ needs with AmigoCloud.