Real Estate and Asset Management

Unleash the potential of Real Estate data with AmigoCloud

Analyzing location data is essential to success in real estate and making the best choice.  amigoPlatform is an enterprise mapping platform that provides real estate companies with the tools to build a custom mapping solution.  Accurately analyze commercial and residential properties to meet your customers´ needs and make profitable decisions.  Easily map your portfolio with amigoCollect, and visualize and publish maps to attract buyers.  AmigoCloud allows your company to manage all your assets with all key information in one site.  Use our Geocoding API tool to turn your properties´ coordinates into an address or vice versa.    


Perform market analysis better and easier 

Market analysis is one of the most important steps in real estate to invest wisely.  With our tools and your market data and financial forecasts, get the best knowledge of the market.  Access to your data from any device and make it easier to view, analyze, and share information.  We integrate AmigoCloud with business intelligence software for you to better understand your location data, even gathered from many sources.  You do not need to run your infrastructure to add location intelligence to your real estate data, we do it for you.  We work with you to make sure you can get started right away.