Geospatial Intelligence


The backbone of any company is their workforce. If people can’t work because of COVID-19, millions could be lost.

How can it be used in companies?

Companies must put efficient systems in place that help keep people safe but while also keeping the company from having to send a large amount of their workforce home if there is a risk of COVID illness.
Once a company has identified that someone has COVID, the company has to initiate contact tracing.

What is Contact Tracing?

Rapid and exact identification of patients infected by COVID-19.

Contact Tracing is based on a simple idea: if an employee is tested Covid-19 positive, employees in close contact with him/her are at risk of getting sick too.

Instead of doing it manually and relying on human memory, AmigoCloud contact tracing automatically and without employee interaction.

ContactTracing+Geospatial Intelligence

AmigoCloud provides location intelligence and contact tracing for businesses to respond, continue operations and reopen.

AmigoCloud’s new ContactTracing+Geospatial Intelligence solution enables companies to conduct contact tracing more accurately and efficiently.

The new technology looks at the interactions that a sick person had (including how many people that person came into contact with and where) to identify the specific group of potentially infected people that need to self-isolate – instead of closing down entirely and testing every single person in their company.

This technology is an application that individuals download on their phone or use in their wrists as a bracelet.

How does it work?

The solution uses Bluetooth LE of smartphones or wearable devices to exchange information between each other and detect ‘encounters’.

The history list of encounters is saved locally (or sent to the company server) and it’s restored every 15 days (configurable).

When a user is tested positive, his/her tracing history allows other people to know (HR Department or employees directly) that they can be infected too so the company can take care of them appropriately.

Why AmigoCloud's solution?

The AmigoCloud contact tracing technology has unique abilities that help organizations and governments more effectively monitor for a potential outbreak, deliver information to people in real-time and react more quickly in the event of a potential outbreak. Unique features include:

Monitor your employees

Intuitive mobile forms for self-reporting and check-ins to be aware of their health status and location in real time. Maps and dashboards to analyze responses and implement new policies and protocols.

Facility status

Maps to quickly check what facilities and business locations have been impacted by the Covid-19. Look quickly at their operative status and capacity to plan accordingly.

Asset analysis

Locate and assess your resources to maintain business operations based on government restrictions.

The contact tracing engine feeds location intelligence datasets

Mapping and visualization

Aggregate and visualize patient data and generate situational dashboards (maps and graphs).

No GIS Knowledge Required

AmigoCollect makes it easy to start collecting data in less than 10 minutes.

No GIS Knowledge Required

AmigoCollect makes it easy to start collecting data in less than 10 minutes.