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 Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Streamline design, engineering, and construction processes

AmigoCloud helps Architecture, Engineering, and Construction companies plan, design, and operate infrastructures by bringing geospatial data into workflows to meet regulations, codes, and referenced standards. 

Before starting to build, you can develop different kind of planning scenarios, share information, and coordinate with every team member.  AmigoCloud provides a Collaborative Enterprise Mapping Platform to set up your projects using your own and satellite maps with critical workflows even offline.


Ensure build quality

Monitor your infrastructure data using smartphones and tablets, and eliminate paper forms.  Project managers working with real-time location data improve their workflows, eliminate delays in all phases of a project, and keep other managers and stakeholders on track. AmigoCloud can be easily integrated with existing information systems and allows construction crew to record data.  Observations will be automatically synchronized with the office and inspections, maintenance, and surveys will become fast.



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