Taking the guesswork out of the fields

Use of GIS is not quite extended at agriculture as it is in other industries, although this industry is starting to understand that there are many strategic advantages of using GIS to manage both yield and having a better crop.  AmigoCloud helps you take the guesswork out of the crop management and turn it into precision agriculture by understanding how some variables can affect your fields. 

Precision agriculture is not just only for large farms with experience with IT, but also for all farmers.  With AmigoCloud and remote sensing, information needed for improving land and water use can be collected.


Get the best of your fields — Field management with AmigoCloud

With AmigoCloud you can optimize the use of your resources, manage operations in real-time, and make the most of your fields. Your field workers do not need to be trained in GIS.  With their own mobile device (iOS / Android) they can easily report and map observations, take pictures of canopy density, and record videos of how your fields are progressing.  When geospatial data is collected, analyzed, and used in the decision process, maximization on yields becomes natural.



Create and send surveys to your field workers with workflows, tasks, and maps.  Viticulturists can add your own high-resolution imagery as base layers, providing information to guide fertilization strategy, cultivation plan, and irrigation timing.  You can  literally look at images that are refreshed every day.  

Our customers use AmigoCloud for farm planning, field mapping, soil sampling, variable rate applications, and yield mapping.  These are some of the hundreds of applications of AmigoCloud for Agriculture.