Case Study: Ecological Land Services

Case Study: Ecological Land Services

Table of Contents

1. Background

2. The Problem

3. Alternatives

4. The Solution

5. The Results


Established in 1996, Ecological Land Services has grown into a respected environmental consulting firm serving clients throughout the Pacific Northwest and Southeast Alaska. The services they specialize in include regulatory permitting, wildlife and habitats, wetlands and streams, mitigation bank development as well as water quality monitoring across local, state and federal jurisdictions.

The Problem

The issue that Ecological Land Services encountered when collecting data in the field was a major commercial provider of GPS hardware [Trimble] wasn’t providing updates with product support when needed. Furthermore, a major limitation of this provider’s [Trimble] hardware is the data stored in the device was only accessible once downloaded onto a computer.  In several occasions, field data collected on [Trimble] devices were lost, which cost Ecological Land Services time and additional resources to recollect the data. Adding to the uncertainty and frustration was the expense involved with maintaining the provider’s [Trimble] services. With this in mind, Andrew Allison, a Wetland Scientist and one of the company’s co-owners, sought a more reliable, friendly and effective solution.


The data collection method that Ecological Land Services used was a major commercial provider of GPS hardware [Trimble]. 20 field staff are trained on using this hardware. When several instances arose where field data was lost on the GPS hardware, Andrew felt a newer and more robust solution needed to be implemented to ensure security and certainty of the data collection method. A colleague within the geospatial industry recommended AmigoCloud’s mobile GIS collection platform.

The Solution

Ecological Land Services’ primary criteria for a vendor specializing in data collection was the on-the-ground accuracy of collected data which needed to be under a meter. With a Samsung smartphone and external GPS receiver, the collected data met the company’s criteria.

Secondly, Andrew expressed a desire where collected data files can be renamed on-the-fly in the field. AmigoCloud has this capacity, as well as features that enable users to alter, track and modify data. There are no restrictions, no limitations nor special keywords that prevent data files from being renamed.

“AmigoCloud has limitless way to name data which is an advantage”

– Andrew Alison, Wetland Scientist & Co-Owner

With AmigoCloud, users can upload their data to the cloud right away. Rather than a “wait-and-see” approach with traditional GPS hardware, users have confidence and assurance that their data is secure the moment is collected.

“The option of uploading data live from the field to the cloud, knowing this was reassuring”

– Andrew Alison, Wetland Scientist & Co-Owner

The Result

With 20 employees who regularly do field work, Andrew says the training, learning curve and time it took staff to become accustomed to AmigoCloud’s platform was straightforward. Additionally, Andrew noted that AmigoCloud’s platform ensured the data collected was secure and safe, and was viewable for the field staff on their smartphones when needed. From a management staff and executive leadership team point of view, this is reassuring because clients needs can be better managed. In fact, AmigoCloud believes the cloud storage of data is a significant incentive for customers.

“Learning curve from Trimble to AmigoCloud application was not difficult”

– Andrew Alison, Wetland Scientist & Co-Owner

When Andrew compared the costs involved with the traditional GPS hardware provider [Trimble] to AmigoCloud, he expresses satisfaction that AmigoCloud offers subscriptions which are considerably less expensive.

Lastly, based on Andrew’s feedback, AmigoCloud UI/UX staff are actively working to enhance the currency and detail in the aerial photos basemaps.

Andrew has no hesitation in recommending AmigoCloud to business partners, colleagues and friends as their preferred choice for mobile GIS data collection.

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