Open Spatial City of Vallejo


Through this project, AmigoCloud in collaboration with
partner Open Spatial provided the City of Vallejo with
the needed software to collect a complete 17,000 sign
inventory for the entire municipality in under 10 weeks.

  • Fully customizable forms with simple setup.

  • Data collection in both online and offline mode.

  • Real time data updates between the office and field


  • Completed inventory without the need for any desktop


  • Review and edit data from the field in real-time.

  • Multi-user data collection.

Table of content

  1. Background

  2. The Problem

  3. The Solution

  4. Results

1. Background

The City of Vallejo is a local government organization located in the beating heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. Formally incorporated in 1868, Vallejo has grown to a population size of roughly 122,000 permanent residents and only continues to grow alongside its thriving economy of approximately 10,000 businesses. 

In search of a GIS solution to better improve inventory management of city sign maintenance, the City of Vallejo leveraged the emerging market trend of adopting robust cloud based solutions to meet their unique GIS demands, seeking an option that would not only meet their requirements, but help them along the process to reach the full potential of the project.


2. The Problem

The challenge of inventorying type of sign and location
within the City of Vallejo was not a minor task. The
project required strong organization, collaboration, and
communication between all overseers in the office, and
the field. Along with this, Vallejo required a solution that
could meet the demands to complete the project, while
simultaneously keeping the price tag of the chosen
software solution to a minimum.



3. The Solution

With specific needs in mind to accomplish this project in a timely, efficient manner, the City of Vallejo fully optimized the GIS capabilities of AmigoCloud partner, Open Spatial, and performed field data collection using the AmigoCloud mobile application. With a fully customized data dictionary adhering to Californian MUTCD standards set up by Open Spatial, mobile forms were then easily created within AmigoCollect for field data collection.

AmigoCollect has an important asset, the ability to set required domains and subtypes regardless of complexity or size for collected attribute data. Not only should the mobile application be able to create the needed forms, but to also enable a quick, easy, timeless interface that allows efficient “no training needed” setup in the office, and full worker comprehension in the field. Workflows require speed and efficiency.

Once the data was collected in the field using point vector models, data was synchronized back to the office on the same day of collection. As soon as the data was back in the cloud, the data could be reviewed, modified, and managed all while field collection was still in progress. Having to wait for field work to be fully completed prior to visualizing and managing data was not an issue. Upon completion of data collection using amigoCollect, the City of Vallejo then imported the data into Open Spatial’s “Enlighten” cloud GIS platform for spatial analysis and further GIS management. The collaboration between AmigoCloud and

Open Spatial cloud software allowed for easy completion of the task; without the need for any installed desktop software to create the final deliverable product.



4. The Results

At the end of a successful completion of the project, the municipality could further identify geographically which signs were in critical need of maintenance and develop an effective, data backed, management plan to replace needed signs. Overall, a GIS inventory of over 17,000 signs were collected in less than 10 weeks using AmigoCloud and Open Spatial software. The City of Vallejo was now able to track using GIS software which signs were being replaced when and where with associated attributes. Therefore, giving the municipality a fully operational sign maintenance management program that has eliminated the city’s guess

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