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AmigoCloud has built the first truly collaborative mapping platform.  Whether you have a team that is mapping assets in a particular area, or are adding geospatial intelligence to your own software, we can help.  We offer an intuitive cloud based dashboard and mobile mapping applications built for Android and iOS devices.  Our software is designed to require no GIS training or any other kind of specialized hardware.



We believe that Geographic Information Systems should be accessible and easy to use for everyone, hence our name.  Our solutions allow customers to collect geospatial data with advanced offline support, model simple or advanced workflows, and analyze location data faster andeasier than ever before.  


We reduce, and in some cases completely eliminate, mapping workflows that would normally take several days or weeks.





Pioneering the mapping revolution


AmigoCloud was founded to help everyone become more efficient, productive, and effective with their mobile mapping efforts.  amigoCollect is enterprise-ready collaborative mapping solution. amigoPlatform gives you the tools and APIs you need to build a custom geospatial solution without running your own infrastructure.


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