Simple, Secure Geospatial Data Sharing

Works in iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Other Smartphones

Online? Offline? No Problem!

Integrate with 40+ GIS Formats

How does AmigoCloud work?

1) Synchronize with AmigoCloud

Getting started is a snap. Use our Web Dashboard or free ArcGIS plugin to connect your data to AmigoCloud. We support 60+ popular geospatial formats and servers, so all your Vectors, Rasters, even Custom Elevation files, import seamlessly.

2) AmigoCloud Replicates Data to Phones

AmigoCloud performs two way synchronization with all your authorized phones and tablets (iOS and Android supported) so your data is always up-to-date. Plus, you can search and edit records – even without an Internet connection!

3) Get Your Data Out When You Want

With AmigoCloud, there’s no vendor lock-in. The same tools that connect your data to AmigoCloud make it simple to export your data right back out.


Works on Popular Phone/Tablets

AmigoCloud supports over 100 popular Android and iOS devices, so there’s no need for expensive or proprietary hardware. We’re adding support for more devices, too. Contact us to find out more.

Offline Support

You can’t always count on an uninterrupted connection out in the field. What if you could continue to browse, search and update data regardless of your location and connection? AmigoCloud apps store data locally and dynamically syncs with the cloud service when a connection is present. AmigoCloud assures the most recently entered information is readily available, while providing advanced data conflict and collision handling, so updates can be rolled back to any previous state.

Data Collection

Use your devices anywhere to collect many data types: text, numbers, photos, even geometries! Your data collection workflow should be as intuitive and straightforward as possible. AmigoCloud’s, drag-and-drop, web interface makes form creation simple, so data collection can be painless.


Import or Export data using any of the 40+ geospatial formats supported. In addition, the AmigoCloud ArcGIS Toolbar allows direct interaction from ArcMap to AmigoCloud.


The enterprise tier supports encrypted traffic and user-level permissions. Contact Us for more information about the extended backup and security features.